September 16, 2010 at 5:10 pm

City Manager candidate is married to a porn star

Source:  FOX New Orlando

The hiring of a new city manager in Flagler Beach is stirring up emotions in the small town of 5,000 residents. A city official tells FOX 35 that Scott Janke is the top candidate to be the new City Manger by several members of City Council.

His family life, though, is under scrutiny because of his wife, Annabele Janke, known in the porn world as Jazelle Moore. He was fired from his last job in Fort Meyers Beach back in 2009 when word got out about his wife’s employment.

But should it matter to residents, especially when the pair are currently estranged? It all depends on whom you talk to.

“It would matter to the city because we’re trying to keep the city as clean as possible,” said resident Linda Kasper. “We’re a small Mom and Pop town.”

“I just don’t see a problem with, you know, what people choose to do with their own time, Are you going to manage well? That’s what matters,” said resident Jennifer Harvey. “Where do you stand on the issues? What you do with your personal time is your business.”

We called each of the Council members, and they’ve all clammed up on the advice of their lawyers. Sources tell FOX 35 some are all for Scott Janke, while others prefer hiring a local candidate.

They’ll duke it out at Flagler Beach City Hall Thursday night in what is expected to be a heated meeting.

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