September 17, 2010 at 3:51 am

City manager candidate married to porn star withdraws from race

Source:  CF News 13 for Central Florida


The candidate for city manager in Flagler Beach, who was married to a porn star, has withdrawn his name from consideration.

Scott Janke was fired from his last job as town manager in Fort Myers Beach in 2009, when word got out that his wife, Annabele Janke, was a porn star who went by the name Jazelle Moore.

Flagler Beach city officials said Janke was up front with them about his wife but also said the two are separated.

Some of those officials said they were only concerned about Janke’s job performance, while others said they were looking for someone local. No word yet on just why Janke withdrew his name.

Many business owners in the small beach town already know about Janke’s wife. However, they said his wife’s career should have no bearing on the city manager’s performance.

“I don’t think it should make a difference,” said Barbie Abera.

“If that’s the industry that she works in, then that would be up to him,” said Jimmy Maqson. “He could be married to Linda Lovelace. I wouldn’t care if he was a good city manager.”

The Flagler Beach mayor said although she cannot vote on the city manager position, she prefers a local get the job.

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