The Councilmans Wife

Who is Jazella Moore?

  • Jazella Moore was born Anabela Mota in Portugal on December 17, 1965. Growing up she said she felt disconnected with many of the values of the culture she grew up in. She said it was a “culture of an ancient people, a colonial power that spanned and expanded the known world as it traded in spice and slaves.“
  • Raised Catholic, she felt the sexual repression was overbearing. She felt that the teachings of the nuns made her feel guilty and shameful about her sexuality, and that she struggled with it at first. Jazella Moore then found that her indulgence became a form of rebellion against an upbringing that she disagreed with all along, and began to feel more in touch with herself and her body as a result. She now describes herself as “a priestess of the exotic arts.”
  • hometown: Fort Myers Beach, Florida
  • dob: December 17th
  • birth sign: Sagittarius
  • height: 5 foot 5 inches tall
  • weight: 124
  • measurements: 34B-22-34