The Councilmans Wife

Scott Janke and Jazella Moore

  • You can’t seem to turn on a TV today without hearing something about some new sex scandal with a celebrity or politician. The small town of Fort Myers Florida is no stranger to this problem because it seems they had their own little political sex scandal going on.

  • Jazella Moore was born in Portugal, a rich, exotic Mediterranean country. But to the local townsfolk of Ft. Myers she was as sweet little Anabela Janke, wife of a local town manager and former city councilman, that often visited schools and rode in parades, as part of her duties as a politician’s wife.
  • Like most small towns in America, Ft. Myers held a parade; Scott Janke and his wife would be a part of the parade. Photos from the parade made it into the local paper and it was there, the politician’s wife was recognized by a fan, a porn fan who knew of her secret identity. It seems sweet little Anabela Janke had a very unconventional past, well unconventional as far as politician’s wives were concerned. To her fans she was known as Jazella Moore – the exotic MILF that would rock your world!
  • When the secret got out the city council held an emergency session and fired Scott Janke. To this day he has yet to be able to find work again in his area of expertise.

Jazella Moore is The Councilman’s Wife